Leopard Seal

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Leopard Seal

Leopard Seal

Size:Female Loepard Seals are around 3 metes long and can weigh up to 370kg. Where as males can weigh up to 320kg and grow up to 2.8 metres long.

Hydrurga Leptonyx Water Worker

Description: Leopard seals have dark, grey fur with spots on their on their coat. They also have canine sharp teeth .

Diet: Leopard Seals eat Adelie Penguins, Crabeater Seals, Krill and Squid !

Re-production: Leopard Seals have 1 pup every nine months. Their breeding seasons are during, November to December.

Leopard Seal Pupwith its mum.

Behaviour: Loepard Seals are the second most aggressive animials in the WHOLE of Antarctica. They are solitary animals.

Classification: Leopard seals are mammal. They belong to the pinnipeds family and are carnivores.

Adaptations: Blubber: 10-12 cm thick, to help keep warm. Eyes: They have large eyes which help them see at night.

INTERESTING FACTS!Leopard Seals are the only Seals that eat other Seals.45% of their diet is Krill !

Pup: 1.6 metres, 30kg.



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