Leopard Gecko

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Leopard Gecko

4)Grow and Develop - Babies 6.5-8.4 cm (2.6 to 3.3) in. in length & weighing about 3 g.*Adult Geckos are 20.5-27.5 cm( 8.1 to 11 inches) in length & weighing about 40-65 g. *Adults shed once a month while younglings shed twice as much.5)Require Engery- Geckos absorb warmth and energy during the day, so they can hunt and digest food. *They feed on crickets, wax worms meal worms, croaches, and other insects.*They are heterotropes6)Respond to Stimuli- They instantly run and hide if they hear predators coming.*Leopard Geckos grow back their tails; needed for survial.7)Maintain Homeostasis- Reptiles are cold-blooded, so the Geckos would need to sun bath.

1) Composed of Cells- The Leopard Geckos all have animal and eukaryote cells.2) Reproduction- They typically breed in the summer. *The females lay 2 eggs 21-28 days after mating. *Leopard Geckos are sexually active3) Evolve and Adapt- They hide in burrows during the day to avoid heat and preadators. *They can detach the tail if they feel threatend.

-Common name:Leopard Gecko-Scientificname:Eublepharis maculariusName: Katie Dang & Kevin Washington



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