Leona's Snakes

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Leona's Snakes

The Wonderful Snakes

Did you know that snakes do not have eyelids? Snakes are a dangerous animal on the planet. Here are some facts about snakes. These facts are about their diets,habitats,behaviors,and more. Time for the facts about snakes.

Habitats In habitats, snakes live in every continents except Antartica. Some snakes live in deserts. Snakes also live in the prairies. Some live in near water and swamps. Most snakes live in tropical regions.

Anatomy Snakes are smooth and dry. Their fangs are sharp and short. They can be up to 30 feet long. Snakes have different colors and patterns.

Diets They eat rodents. They also eat small animals. Mice are one of the snakes' food. Pigs are also a snakes' food. They eat frogs as well.

Reproduction They make their nest out leaves and grasses. They have a range 5 to 50 youngs. Snakes lay eggs in Summer. They mate in Spring. Snakes gives birth to their youngs in much the same way dogs and cats gives birth.

Enemies Its enemies are large birds.Foxes are also their enemies. Pigs can be a snakes' enemies. Wild boars are also their enemies. Coyotes are also a snakes' enemies as well.

Behaviors Some snakes raise their heads. They can smell with their tongue. They don't chew their foods they swallow it whole. Some snakes swim in water. Snakes can blend in with their surroundings,so snakes can camoflauge.

Those were a lot of facts about snakes. Most snakes are posionous and and some snakes are not. Snakes are still dangerous by their behaviors. Which facts did you like the most? Did you learn anything from these facts.

Interesting Facts Larger snakes strangle their prey. Its lower and upper jaws can seperate. Snakes can eat their preys three times larger than the size of its heads. Snakes have long,narrow bodies encompassing their heads on one end and tails on the end. They rely on vibrations to hear.


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