Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

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Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

Fibonacci wrote his first book "Liber Abaci`" in 1202. His book was a big hit for math. Most chapters explained place value. The book "Liber Abaci`" got the attention of many people including Emperor Fredrick II. Fibonacci worked with Fredrick II for a while and wanted to dedicate his next book called "The Book Of Square Numbers" to him in 1225. Fibonacci's work on the book was based on "The Rule of Three" and "The Rule of Five". "The Book of Square Numbers" was ranked as the major number contributor. He finally decided to do a little more research on geometry. He eventually came out with the book "Practice of Geometry". This book was obviously based on geometry but also work that other mathematicians did. That book was not as big as the others, but it did succeed. People have heard about Fibonacci because of the Fibonacci sequence which is a varitey of numbers and it is a complicated formula for calculations. He was a great man and will always be remembered.

Personal Life

Fibonacci really wanted to become a merchant like his father, so he went with his dear father all around Europe to study calculations. He went to Sicily, Spain, and Egypt and probably many more places. After that he was sent to an Arab master to do some training with calculations. He worked for many years, but one day he realized he could show the world what he had learned and become the person he really was.

Fibonacci was born in 1170 and died in 1250. He was born in Pisa, Italy. No one knew if he had siblings or a mom. What they did know was Fiboncci had a father named Guglielmo. As a kid, Fibonacci wanted to grow up to be a Pisan merchant like his father. Fibonacci adored his father for many years. He was not always known as Leonardo Fibonacci or Leonardo of Pisa. His real name was Leonardo Bonacci. Sadly, he did not get married or have any kids. He died a happy death and will always be remembered as Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci.

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