Leonardo da Vinci's impact on Society

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Leonardo da Vinci's impact on Society

Leonardo didn't have much impact during his time period on what was going on around him or with anything really, he mainly kept to himself. He was liked by everyone, except his arch-rival Michelangelo. Leonardo was the first to draw the human anatomy, creating visuals of what he saw as he disected human corpses, but he was really just a normal guy who drew and painted and had a small impact on little things today.

Leonardo de Vinci's self portrait (around 60 years old)

Made designs and ideas for things of motion, (machine guns [left], helicopters [right], etc) even though they were both eventually made, just not in his time period.

Leonardo de Vinci's impact on society

Leonardo da Vinci, a renaissance man.

de Vinci painted, "The Last Supper" which was voted one of the Most Famous Pictures ever painted.

Was said to be the first to really draw the human anatomy

Created many famous images whether left unfinish or created towards the end of his life they were all amazing


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