Leonardo Da Vinci's Glog of Flying

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Leonardo Da Vinci's Glog of Flying

Some of his flying machines never made it past drawings.

Leonardo da Vinci was a genius. He invented doctor tools, weapons, instruments and flying machines. He also was an amazing painter.

He invented the helicopter. But we remodled it. This is what happened with a lot of his inventions.

Between the years of 1490 and 1495 he started recording his inventions in a notebook.

One of his most famous flying machines is the omithopter.

Just in case the test flyers crashed he made airbags out of bags.

Leonardo da Vinci made a lot of flying machines. One of them is the Great Bird. It took its first flight from Mount Ceceri.We don't know if it sucsesfuly flew or not because he never wrote in his journal after he wrote about that he was going to fly it.

Leonardo da Vinci


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