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leonardo da vinci

He was born in 1452 in the small town of Anchiano.He was an illegitamate child of Piero Da Vinci and a peasent women named Catherine. When he was young he became an apprentice at one of the best studios in Italy. He stayed there till 1483 until he left for Milan. In Milan he was hired by Lodovico Sforza to build a statue to honor his father. He called it Madonna of the Rocks. He was also a great architect and inventor. He was called on many times by the government to design and construct buildings. He was also a great inventor because he was often hired to create new weaponry. He also has the most scientific mind ever to have lived. He made a large amount of sketches and observations. Unfortanately none of these genius ideas were actually completed or discovered until 300 to 400 years later. Leonardo Da Vinci passed away in 1519 while under the care of the French King, Francias 1, who admired him deaply.And to this day Leonardo Da Vinci remains one of the most famous. If you mention the name Leonardo Da Vinci there will not be a single person around you who won't have heard of him.

Leonardo Da VinciBy: TigerFlame5152

Leo's Story

He made many different types of sketches. There are currently 46 sketches of Leo's sketches still that we knoe oftoday. His sketches included scientific observations such as the muscular system of the body and the jaw structure. He also made some designs of weapons, buildings, statues, invetions, and other such delineations.

Leo's Sketches

One of Leonardo's most famous paintings is the "Mona Lisa". The mastery of the painting lies in its subtle detail, including the faint smile, and Mona Lisa's distinctive gaze. It was supposubley comissioned by Franceso del Giocondo who hired him to paint a portrait of his wife which is why it is most ofte referred to as the "Lisa Giocondo". It is also one of the most reproduced work ever. Andy Warhol used the Mona Lisa in the creation of one of his prints, and Botero reproduced his own version of The Mona Lisa, a cartoon-like oil painting. In 1954, Salvador Dali created a self-portrait of himself as Mona Lisa.The use of The Mona Lisa does not end there; The Mona Lisa has been the inspiration behind countless novelty items including clothing, jewelry, houseware, as well as having been used in many modern day advertisements.

Leo's "Mona Lisa"

Statue of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo was an inventer,a musician, an artist, architect, sculptor, engineer, scientist and the most famous person from the Renaissance period.

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.

--Leonardo Da Vinci


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