Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci

Early years

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was born on April 15 1452,in a tiny hill in Italy. When he was about 5 his parents left him on his own. So his uncle had to raise him becuase he was the only child. His parents did not struggle becuase his dad worked in a paper company. On his trips with his uncle he always brought a little note book to draw beatiful sights. After a year he got a job and there is were he learned how to do write,math, and reading for his whole life he bought books to learn. And he had no challenges. He had one mentor and his name was Verrocchio.


His mentor as an adult was still Verrocchio. He lived in Florence,Italy becuase the art studio was there. For work he drew people, painted drawings for church,and sculptures. Leonardo didn't get marryied or have kids. And one of his inventions was the air plane. Leonardo da Vinci died in France on May 2 with the King of France.But some of his paintings are in museums also his note books.


Leonardo was famous for painting the mona Lisa and the prototype airplane. At the time only the Last Meal made people praise him and the Mona Lisa made them praise him. He was also reconized for the Mona Lisa. A contribution he made or a change was his prototype airplane because it really changed the world. And he also made a robot in a knight suit because he figured out how the human body worked.


He had a challenge when trying to fly he was missing an engine.Also he looked at birds to find the key to flying but he still didn't find it. Leonardo over came no being able to fly by trying hard and perservering. On December 1903 the right brothers flew the airplane. He also over came the part were his mom and dad didn't want him as there child.

Interesting facts

Leonardo is italian because he was born in italy. He looks like a man with a beard, and long hair,and with an italian hat. Also he said ''Learning is never exhausting'' he says this because he read books his whole life. Leonardo never got married. No one knows why he never had kids or have a wife. He had two hobby and its drawing and inventing. He had step brothers and sisters because his parents seperated. He also made a robot about the human body that could walk sit jog and run. He also wings,parachute.

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