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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci wass born April15,1452 in Vinci,Italy. Born to a peasent mother ' a unreliable father ,Leonardo had 17 half siblings ' many stepmothers.At the age of 14 his father started to appreciate his artistic skill ' sent him to apprentice with the artist Verrocchio.Learning new techinques ' skills.By the age of 20 was a qualified "Master" painter.Left milan in 1499 and traveled throught Italty. He then went to Rome ' worked for pop Leo the tenth in 1513-1516. Then worked for the French Nobles. on May 2,1519.


1452-Birth1482-Started "The Last Supper"1499-Finsished "The Last Supper"1502-Started "The Mona Lisa"1507-Finished "The Mona Lisa1519-Death

At the age of 20 was a qualfied Master painter. Leonardo was commissioned by Ludovico,Duke of Milan,to keep peace inbetween them and one of his projects was "The Last Supper".Then working on, araguably the most famous painting,"The Mona Lisa" from 1505-1507.During this era he was named "The Renaissance Man" for his creditability to innovations ' paintings. And is said to be more of a scientist then painter with a recorded 13,000 or more pages of anatomy.

Pioneer Spirit

Leonardo da Vinci is a pioneer because he was the first to connect the laws of nature ' science with artistic ablity.He also instroduced smalto.


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Leonardo da Vinci





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