Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci


'Learning never exhausts the mind.'~Leonardo Da Vinci Birth: April 15, 1452 Vinci, ItalyDeath: May 2, 1519 Amboise, France

Shelby Neumann

Mona Lisa1517

The Last Supper 1498

Virgin Of The Rocks 1483 This piece of art is my favorite because it took place during the Renaissance and has a lot of historical significance.

Leonardo Da Vinci was part of the Renaissance. *Artistic*Intelligent*Creative

Short BiographyLeonardo sparked an imagination at a young age. He created his most admired paintings, Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, around the same time. Leonardo was also an inventor and created many sketches of inventions he created, but has never built any of them. Leonardo lived to be 47 when he unfortunatley died. Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, engineer. musician, architect, etc.

Lady With An Ermine 1490

Links To Leonardo Websiteshttp://legacy.mos.org/LEONARDO/BIO.HTMLhttp://www.da-vinci-inventions.com/

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