Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was very famous for his drawings (as you can see on the right) He was also famous because his mind was like no other and his paintings were magnificiant.He was the first person in that time to design flying inventions,he was always busy just like his paintings were busy showing lots of emotions

Leonardo was born on April 15,1452 in vinci a small farmhouse in Tuscany,Italy. Died on May 2,1519 at Amboise,France where he was said to have a stroke.

Leonardo davinci

Leonardo's familyLeonardo was illegitimate(born to unmarried parents) son of Sir Piero da vinci and a local woman named Caterina.Though leonardo was never married or had any lover his paintings give much love for he was bold,brave,talented,hard working etc.

Persaveranceleonardo parents couldnt afford leonardo to go to a really good school with a good education so leonardo really yearned to have that feeling,so one day his father found that leonardo really liked to draw and was really good at it so then took him to Andrea del verrcchico who was a painter and leonardo really looked upto him. Leonardo then became his assistaint and helped him around the place.

Leonardo had lots of careers/jobs such as assisstance for Andrea del verrocchio,builder for the duke of milan, etc

ResourcesDavinci renaissance painter,www.notaliblebiographies


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