Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci

On April 15, 1452 Leonardo Da Vinci was born, in the town of Vinci. The village of Vinci lies in a region of central Italy called Tuscany. Leonardo's earliest memory was when a kite (a bird with long tail feathers) flew down to his bed and flicked it's tail againsthis lips. Leonardo painted a portrait of Cecilia Gallerani in the potrait she is holding a weasel (see potrait below). This painting was made in 1490. Leonardo wrotebackwards so people could not read it easily, and he was left handed so it was easier for him to write this way.In 1503 Leonardo made the famous panting called The Mona Lisa (see above). On May 2, 1519 Leonardo dies and is buried in the church of stFlorentin in Amboise.


1452 - Leonardo Da Vinci is born.1466 - Leonardo becomes one of Verroccios students.1472 - Leonardo finshes training with Verroccio1503 - Leonardo makes The Mona Lisa. 1519 - Leonardo Dies.

Leonardo invented the parachute.He also made the very famous painting called The Mona Lisa.He invented, and designed many thingshe had a very, very creative mind and painted or skeched out his ideas.

Lasting Impact

Some of his ideas are still used today, and he left us with a legacy of fine art and design.

LeonardoDa Vinci



If Leonardo was still alive I would ask him what inspired you to create and design,and which one of your works is the biggest legacy to humanity?

I'm not sure how much he was reconized in his time,but today he is regardedas one of the world's greatest minds in human history.

I think Leonardo is a great person be-cause he thought of many brilliant things and made his thoughts cometrue.


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