Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci The Ultimate Renissance Man

Why I chose this person: I chose Leonardo Da Vinci because everything this man did in his life was for the reason of bettering and eduacting the world.

Who he is:To be a Renaissance Man is to be a multi talented individual.This person possess the will to learn and innovate different crafts and master the art of doing so. Leonardo Da Vinci is a stelar example of a Renaissance Man. He shifted mankind out of it's religion dependent state and catapulted them into a curious and questioning nation.

About Da Vinci/ why I chose him:Leonardo Da Vinci is the most well rounded and acomplished man to walk this earth. The difference he made when he was alive termendously impacted that world's present day. He was the game changer and the world his playing piece, Da Vinci influenced many transitions in many vital subjects, some including transportation, art, science, math, music, porpotions, nature philoshpy and the list goes on.

Traits:Da Vinci came from a wealthy family and grew up with supportive parents. He was a gifted child, thriving in mathematics, science, art and music, he lacked no talent. However, to become such an astonishing individual, Da Vinci had to work for it. Da Vinci aquired perseverance, determination, creativity and hope. Even though many skills came natrually to him, the traits he possessed were ones that he expanded and developed over the years.

Skills:Da Vinci enjoyed other's company but preffered to be alone. He was a humble sort and did not need validation from other's. Da Vinci also possessed a great patience and appreation for nature and the world around him. Da Vinci grasped for an abundance of knoweldge, and he thrived in understanding. Da Vinci once stated, “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” Da Vinci knew how to make nothing into something. He would not give up until compeletly satisfied with his work. Skills Da Vinci possessed surpassed a brilliant mind, he was a fighter and a striver, and protrayed these skills with grace.

By Bella Silverman

Achievements throughout Da Vinci's life:Some of Da Vinci's inventions include: the parachute, Aerial Screw (insperation for modern day helicopter), Armored Car (like a war tank), Flying Machine, Giant Crossbow, 33-Barreled Organ (modern day machine gun) and a Triple Barrel Canon. Da Vinci made a signifigant change in warfare and the world in general. Some examples of his most famous pieces of art include The Last Supper, the Mona Lisa and The Vitruvian Man. Da Vinci changed art, science, mathematics, transportation and many more key tools we use in our everyday life.

Da Vinci is famously known for his art, however he actually spent more time tending to his other skills, for example, science and technology.

Why I chose him: Ever since learning about Da Vinci in school I have been in awe of his work. I love art, but the Reniassance era of art I find truly fascinating.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Flying Machine

The Mona Lisa

The Last Supper

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