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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He was the son of a peasent (mother) and weathly lawyer (father). Little is known about da Vinci's childhood, until age 14, when he was apprenticed to the artist Andrea di Cione. This was when his art career began. By age 20, he began his serious career. Over the coarse of his life, da Vinci painted hundreds of painting. From lost works to some of th emost imfamous works of all time, Leonardo da Vinci was a truely remarkable artist. Da Vinci died on May 2, 1519.


-Leonardo drew the plans for the first armored car in 1485.- It took da Vinci about 10 years to paint the Mona Lisa's lips.- He would dig into graves to use corpses for anatomy studies. -Never married or had children. - Invented the bicycle 300 years before it was seen on the road.

- Da Vinci is credited for sketching the first design for a parachute. - First artist to sketch outdoor scenes that showed depth and distance.- Sketched the first blue prints for an automobile in 1478. Da Vinci named the invention the "self-propelled cart" and the replica is now displayed in the Clos Luce museum in France. - Produced some of the most imfamous artwork of all time, including the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Leonardo was a botanist, sculpter, painter, engineer, architect, musician mathematicion, anatamist, geologist and inventor.

Lasting Impact

Without Leonardo Da Vinci's iventions such as the bicycle or parachute, life would be quite diifernt. Just imagine what would have emerged if there was bicycle.


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Leonardo da Vinci


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