Leonardo da Vinci

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Inventors and Inventions

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Leonardo da Vinci

Loenardo da vinci was born in vanice,Italy.If there wasn't any paintings about him,you would think that he was a and an inventor.But,he was way more.He was the best painter in arts history.Leonardo da vinci painted the Mona Lisa and the Last supper.It took him five years to complete the paintings.Some people think that the Mona Lisa is another painting.Others say that the Mona Lisa is the boy version of Leonardo da vinci.

Leonardo da vinci was the "renaissance man."He invented the parachute,the armored car,the diving suit,the arial screw,the triple barreled cannon,the 33-barreled organ,the ornithopter(the ornithopter is the first ever helicopter),and a fighting vehicle that had two horses pulling it with three cannons on the chariot with rotating spikeson the sides.

Leonardo da vinci had a big impact on studying the human form.When Leonardo da vinci was about thirty,he watched a man die.When he passed away,Leonardo da vinci decited that he was going to study the human body.and for years,he almost dicovered how the whole human body works.But,one thing stumped him.A pregnant female.he couldn't figure out how the baby in the stomach worked.

Leonardo da vinci



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