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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo had one secret that we know of for sure. He was acused of sexual inproprieties with other men. There is some debait towards whether this was a question of sexualality, or was this, (considering his obsession with the human body) used as a study for anatomy. (Astoria Brown)

Contributions Engineering: In 1502 leonardo sketched a 720ft bridge that back then they never thought would work. In 2001 a smaller version was created in Norway. His sketches of airplanes, and helocopters that could not be relized then have been made due to power sources and supplies. Along with his slopiung armer, is now used to in the makeing of tank armor today.(Leonardoda-Vinci.com)

Leonardo gave a large contribution to science. For someone with little to no education, (in theory)he would have made Einstein look like an average intelgent person. Leonardo's approch to science was observational. It started with Verrachio workshop, Verrachio requierd all his students to learn anatomy. (Britanica)

Born: April, 15, 1452Died: May,2,1519Place: Vinci (region) of Florence Italy.Known As: Scientist, Artist, Engineer. (Biography. com)

Leonardo da Vinci

Anatomy: Throughout the time he studied anatomy leonardo did 30 human biopsy's. His studies changed the face a medicine. Artistly: His science approach to painting to painting helped him master the "Ranishing point." The art of the 3D illution. (Leonardoda-Vinci.com)

Family: Leonardo had no family of his own, but he did have a mother, father, step mother, and step father. He was an illegitimate child. He also had seven half brothers on his fathers side.(Biography.com)

In 1490, Gian Giacomo Caprottido, was an apprentice sent to him by his father when Gian was only 14. He was considered both a delinquent, and leonardo's closes reltionship with a human being in his time. In his will leonardo gave him the monalisa. Francesco Meliz was considered Leonardos favorite of students. He remained with leonardo till death, and was his air, and bequeathed owner of his estate. Two other noted puplies are Marco d'Oggione, and Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio. Both are high renaissance era painters. He influenced, and influenced by Lorenzo di Credi. Other noted influenced people are Gir Lando, (a apprintice of Michelangilo) and Pietro Perugins a painter i the high renaissance period. (Leonardoda-Vinci.com)

Born: April, 15, 1452Place: Vinci (region) of Florence Italy.Known As: Scientist, Artist, Engineer.(Britanica)

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