Leonardo da Vinci

by SammyD9
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Leonardo da Vinci

I chose these 4 pieces of artwork because they show how in depth artists could make paintings look even without modern day technology.

Leonardo da Vinci used color shading. He used an effect called "Chiaroscuro" and an effect called "sfumato" to give the painting an atmospheric haze or smokey effect.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci painted all of the painting above. I picked him because of the depth and detail that he put into his artwork. Leonardo da Vinci was extremely important in the art world. He painted simple things. The Mona Lisa was a simple woman rather than a queen. He focused on beauty and knowledge. He used color shading and oil paints to make his painting look like realistic people. His way of painting gave way to many other techniques that wouldn't be in the modern world without his paintings.



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