Leonardo da Vinci- Culminating

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Leonardo da Vinci- Culminating

-Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci-born in Vinci, Italy -painter, writer, inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, musician, philosopher-Italian Renaissance-Died May 2, 1519

1472-75 - Annunciation1466-1482- The Horse1490 - Potrait of a Musician1490-95 - La Belle Ferroniere1495-97- The Last Supper1503-05 - Madonna of the Rocks1503-07- Mona Lisa

-work of da Vinci was said to be so impactful that Verrocchio never painted again-in later years, da Vinci opened his own work shop and trained younger apprentices-inspired two very famous, younger artists; Raphael (1483-1520), Michelangelo (1475-1564)-called upon by important Church officials and royals

Mona Lisa

-most famous, most visited and most studied portrait ever painted-sense of a real person with dignity, strength and intelligence

A Legend is Born

Works and Pieces



A Man of Wonder

Leonardo da Vinci


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