Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo

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Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo

Lenardo Da Vinci Galileo


Galileo was born in 15, 1564 in isa Italy and died January 9, 1642. At the age of 10, he moved to Florence where he was educated in a monastry. He became a skilled lute player, a string insrtument. He was going towards priest hood but his father steered him into medicine. He then started to study medicine at the age of 17 at the University Of Pisa. In 1587, Galileo got to teach at The University of Of Pisa. Two years later his father died. One year later he secured the chair of mathematics at a renowned university of Padua. The new position paid three times more.

The similarities between Galileo and Lenardo Da Vinci shows that each person created their own uniqe creation or discovery, someone who changed histroy or made histroy. Like how Lenardo painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. And how Galileo discovered the Milky Way was made up of stars. They both moved to Florence at somepoint of there lives. They both had music in their lives, Galileo was a skilled Lute player, and Leonardo was musican.

Leonardo Da Vinci was know as a magnificent artist. He painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. These two paintings was the most famous painting that he created. But he wasn't just a arstist, he was a scientist, architect, musician, engineer, and an inventor.

Lenardo Da Vinci was born in 1452 in Vinic, Italy. He was the child of Ser Piero DA Vinci. Lenardo moved to Florence at the age of 12. And when he was 14 he started out his artist appernticeship. He sketched out some invetion that wasn't invented until later and also designed machines of war. Some thought that he wrote backwards because he didn't want his work to be smeared. While others think that he didn't want his ideas to be stolen.

Galileo became interested in optics and astronomy. In 1609 Galileo built his first telescope and he started to make observation. He discovered Jupiters four biggest moons and along with many newly discoverd stars. He discovered phases of Venus and its sunspots, confirming that the Sun rotates. With his microscope, he discovered that the Milky way was made up of stars.


The difference between Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo is that Leonardo was many things in his life, he was more than just a painter. Almost the same thing with Galileo, but he was more of a teacher. He was a private tutor and became a mathematics professor. Leonardo moved to Florence at the age of 12 while Galileo moved to Florence at the age of 10. Leonardo died at the age of 67, Galileo died at the age of 77. They were born at different times, more than a 100 years apart.

Leonardo impacted the modern day world with his sketches. He sketched out some inventions that wasn't built until later. "The first parachute had been imagined and sketched by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century".Now we have the parachute, without that we wouldn't have our military infantry deployde in this way, and while on the battle ground we needed some sort of fast deploytion of troops wherer we needed them. Leonardo's sketched more than just the parachute, he skethced the tank, first swinging brigde, repeating rifle and much more.

Galileo impacted on the modern day worold with his discoveries. He discoverd the four moons of Jupiter and that the Milky Way was made up of stars. While people was looking far and beyond with a telescope. Galileo used the telescope to look up far a beyond. We would have never known that. With his discoveries of Venus and its sunspots, he was able to confirm that the sun was moving. He eliminated the hypothesis of a moving Earth. At that time no one was able to confirm that.


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