[2015] weston null: Leonardo Da Vinci

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[2015] weston null: Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

-----------------How was Leonardo Da Vinci Important to our Lives?-----------------

Leonardo was very important during the renaissance. During that time he possessed thoughts about mechanics engineering, structural engineering, advanced weaponry, and the list goes on. He basically carved the renaissance out of a rock; he is what made the renaissance. Besides inventing he created drawings of the human body for medical use and also he created two of the most famous painting in the world the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

If we had not found his journal then i believe so many important inventions could've been lost such as the invention of the helicopter or parachute people other then him did make it but he devised the process and the mechanics. I believe that his journal is crucial to the expanding of our technology bases

Some of his most important inventions are possibly the machine gun, parachute, armored tank, the diving suit and basically the helicopter. If these inventions were made during his time I would say that they would've revolutionized that time period and we would have more advanced technology today.

Leonardo created many inventions in his time but because of the materials and technology they had during that time he couldn't official publish or create some of his inventions. He created items such as the parachute, scissors, and he basically made the helicopter and airplane that we have today. He created important things that I couldn't imagine how our lives today would be like without them.

Leonardo was a man of his time. He was perhaps the smartest person during that era. He invented so many things that helped the people’s lives of the renaissance that you can't even describe what he had built and you would be very surprised.



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