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Leonardo da Vinci

Da Vinci created the first known concept of a helicopter which he titled "the arial screw". His sketches led the path for a french inventor who created a stem powered version in 1861. Leonardo Da Vinci had the opportunity to save millions of lives. He had discovered the cause of heart disease and cholesterol, however his peers never took the idea seriously and the work was never published. Da Vinci often painted painted in order to earn a living and be able to feed his thoughts. One of his paintings however( The Virgin Of The Rocks), was not paid for because Leonardo had not painted halos on the figures. This painting is also a great examlpe of his use of Light and Shadow studies. Leonardo Da vinci is considered to be the creator of the first humanistic robot(1495) which could walk, sit and stand, and is said to have a moveable jaw. although Da Vinci considered the robot to a more of a play thing to show friends, NASA has decided to use the Leonardo robot to explore and colonize Mars. He was also very interested in the anatomy of the human body and was most likely the only person of his time who showed an interest in the anatomy of the female body. He understood,long before his companions did, that the female body has much more reproductive responsibility than the male counterpart. Unfortunately female corpses were hard to get a hold of during that time period so Da Vinci was left with commparing animal organs to the organs of humans. Da Vinci is well known for being one of the first to sketch out what he thought a fetus would be like in utero. Although he was not well known for architecture, he helped create the "bird-eye view" in blueprints which was noteable because he lived in a time where there were no airplanes and a top view was difficult to obtain.

Military Inventions

Da Vinci invented the first known military tank with 36 guns guns set around the "turtle shell", cone-like structure and it was driven by men turning a crank inside the tank that made the gears move. However, in the blueprints for the tank, Da Vinci had the gears going in opposite directions, making the tank unmovable. He did this because he did not want such a powerful weapon the fall into the wrong hands, and he was not very fond of warfare. He also invented the (three-teir) machine gun in order to maximize his Patron's fire power and fuel his curiosity. **His sketch of the military tank is pictured below**


Another experiment is his great fresco, The Last Supper began to deteriorate quickly after it was completed. This is because Leonardo didn’t follow traditional, tried-and-tested techniques of water-based paints applied to wet plaster, but instead he used oil-based paint on a surface that was a mixture of gesso, pitch, and mastic.

Misc. Facts:

Leonardo Da Vinci

A portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci

The famous Mona Lisa.

"The Last Supper"

During the Black Plague time period, Leonardo da Vinci designed a multi-leveled city that was intended to eliminate waste and maximize cleanliness. This was a unique idea during that time because people were still unaware of the effects of germs and poor hygiene, which was the root cause for the Black Plague. Leonardo was involved in the design of the church of San Giovanni. This church has alot of significance to Florentines. In addition to holding numerous famous masterpieces, it is roumored that several famous artists and authors were baptized there, including artist Dante.

Well known artist Raphael was actually inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and followed his techniques, but turned out a diffrent mood to his paintings with the same vitality foud in Da Vinci's paintings.


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