Leon Trotsky

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Leon Trotsky

As a student, young Lev Davidovich Bronshtein became enthralled by Marxism. After being exiled for his involvement in the South Russian Workers' Union, he escaped, changed his name to Leon Trotsky, and moved to London. While in London, he joined the Socialist Democratic Party where he met Vladimir Lenin. Trotsky wrote a number of influential articles for the Revolution. By 1905, he had become a leader of the uprisings in Russia. He became Lenin's right-hand man, but once Lenin died, Stalin took power. Trotsky was pushed out of the Central Committee, exiled from Russia, and finally banished from all of the Soviet Union. While staying in Mexico, Trotsky continued protesting against the government. Back in Russia, he was discredited for all his work in the Russian Revolution. Trotsky was attacked by a Soviet Union secret agent, and died in the hospital the next day. Once the Soviet Union fell in 2001 Trotsky's reputation was restored.


1879- Born in Yanovka, Ukraine on November 71920- Bolsheviks won the Civil War & gained control of the government1924- Lenin died & Stalin took power 1929- Trotsky was banished from all of the Soviet Union 1940- Died on August 21 in Mexico City, Mexico

Once the Bolsheviks took control of the Soviet government, Trotsky was appointed as leader of the Red Army by Vladimir Lenin. Being the excellent leader Trotsky was, he succeed in leading the Red Army to victory. Afterwards, he became Lenin's right-hand man.

Lasting Impact

Leon Trotsky will forever be recognized as a kindler of the 1917 Russian Revolution. He helped in founding the Red Army as well. He was banished from Russia countless times and was known for his fight for power against Joseph Stalin. In the end, he was assassinated by Soviet agents on Stalin's orders.


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Leon Trotsky




Trotsky leading the Red Army troops

Trotsky on his death bed, 1940

Trotsky in his jail cell, 1906


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