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Leon Theremin

Leon Theremin


The Theremin was insvented in the USSR and patented in the United States after Leon traveled the world. He stayed in the United States for a few years before mysteriously disapearing, where he returned to the USSR.Clara Rockmore became very famous from playing the Theremin.Leon earned the Stalin Prize (1947) for contributions to Soviet espionage.

Born in Saint Petersburg, RussianHe was married three timesHe was survived by his two children Lena and Natalia



Leon Theremin served for the USSR during both World WarsHe Worked as a Professor of Physics at Moscow state University. He mainly focused his work on electricity, which contributed to electric instruments


During WW2, Leon became broadcast supervisor of the radio transmitter at Tsarskoye Selo near Petrograd. Here he evented a concealed listening bug called The Thing.

The Invention of the Theremin forever changed the face of electronic music as it produced music without the musiciain ever touching the intrument. It unlocked the world of electronic music to many people, as it quickly became a huge sucess.



Leon Theremin Playing His Own Instrument


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Clare Rockmore


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