Leon Theremin

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Leon Theremin

Leon Theremin


Leon Theremin was the inventor of the widely know electronic instrument, the Theremin.The Theremin was one of the first electronic instruments made and mass produced. Theremin was born on August 27, 1896 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and died on November 3, 1993

The Theremin

The Theremin was invented in 1920 and is unique because you don't touch it to play it. It is played through the movement of the thereminist's hands.In the US, the Theremin didn't sell well because of the Great Depression. Few were sold and most of them went to radio stations

Influential Thereminists

Some influential thereminists include Clara Rockmore, Barbara Buchholz, Leon Theremin, Bruce Woolley and many more.

Impact of the Theremin

The Theremin was a great innovation when it was created and would quickly gain fame. Thanks to the performances of Clara Rockmore, the Theremin started to become popular in the US after the Great Depression. After being featured in the American movie industry, it was fully popularized in the United States.


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