Leon Bobby Seale

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Leon Bobby Seale


*In 1966 Bobby ' Huey formed The Black Panthers to oragnize their beliefs.*It was originally created as an armed force to PROTECT the black community from The Oakland Police.*The Black Panthers rejected nonviolent movements.

*In 1970 Bobby got arrested while protesting at the Democartic National Convention in Chicago. *Bobby along with 7 other protesters got arrested (The Chicago 7). *Arrested for the conspiricay in encouraging riots in a violent and unlawful behavior.*4 Years in Prison for being disobedient and disrispectful to Court of Law and it's officers.

The Black Panther Party

*In 2002 Bobby moved back to Oakland to work with young political activists to spark social change.

"Bobby Seale." Bio. A'E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 24 Feb. 2015. < http://www.biography.com/people/bobby-seale-9477529>.


*Robert George Seale A.K.A Bobby Seale was born in Dallas Texas on October 22, 1936.*Bobby and his family grew up very poor along with an abusive father.*His family moved to California, but the struggle they had did not end at all.*Bobby Seale became polictically minded when he attened Berkley High School.*In 1955 he joined the U.S Airforcebut was eventually discharged in 1959 because of an altercation with a superior officer.

Creating Change




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