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Leo Fender

His full name is Clarence Leonidas Fender. Fender was born in Anaheim, CA in 1909. Mr. Fender is most notable for founding Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company. He engineered and built excellent and innovative electric guitars, bass guitars, and amplifiers around the 1940s that shaped music. Most people still use the Fender creations. Before that, he owned a radio repair shop and many musicians came to his store for PA systems.

Leo Fender

Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company made innovations to electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and amplifiers. This company was a landmark of the music business. Eventually, Leo Fender sold the company to CBS in 1965. Then on, Fender worked with Tom Walker and Forrest White to create Music Man, but this was not Fender's company.In 1979, Leo and George Fullerton created G&L Guitars, in which he also designed products, like in Fender and Music Man. He was in G&L until his death in 1991.

Leo Fender remains the "Father of Modern Music" but people don't see him as an entrepreneur who did everything to help the music world. In an industry that generates around $36 Billion anually, Leonidas Fender became a landmark, a business leader that helped shape what music has become of. With the Starcaster, Stratocaster, the Squirt, the Jaguar electric guitars, Clarence Leonidas Fender is "The Entrepreneur" of Rock and Roll instruments.

Entrepreneurship of Leo Fender

About Fender, Music Man, and G&L

The "Music Man"

About Leo

Fact:Although Leo Fender designed and engineered lots of Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars, he never learned how to play one!


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