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Inherit the Wind By; Jerome Lawrence And Robert E. Lee




"He never takes a case unless it's a sure thing. Like a jockey who won't go in a race unless he can ride the favorite."(pg.109) This quote basically shows that Drummond is trying to say how they did something because they were sure of it and he knew they would win the case somehow and that something good will come out of it even if they lost.

"Bert, whenever you see something bright, shining, perfect-seeming all gold, with purple spots look behind it the paint! And if it's a lie show it up for what it really is!" (Pg.110)This basicaly is showing that Drummond was trying to inform Cates that not everything that seems so okay on the outside like Brady is always the same way in the inside. Sometimes their way different in the inside and that's where the real them is which sometimes you have to prove to others how they really are. In this case Drummond proved to the towns people the type of person Brady really was.

"You don't suppose this kind of thing is ever finished, do you? Tomorrow it'll be something else and another fella will have to stand up. And you've helped give him the guts to do it!"(pg.123) I agree with this quote a lot because it's saying how Cates is the courage for others to do what he just did. Cates was the one to take the first step and do something no other thought of doing, but now poeple will might try to attempt it since they've seen it happen to Cates for thinking differently. Drummond tells Bert that he may of lost the case, but then again he also won.

5 Key Words

"He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise in heart." (Pg.136) This quote is very important and connects to why the book is given the name of Inherit the Wind. What this quote means is that if you wish the worst for somebody you know or have problems you will face the consequences at the end. This quote was perfectly being shown throughout the book with reverend Brown and Brady. Mr.Brown would not have a good relationship with his daughter and he would call down curse to Rachel for being a sinner. Rachel ended up leaving her father since they didn't have a good bond nor did they get along as much. As for Brady he would always take the bible literally and make himself the center of attention for he town and think he's better then the rest. He ended up dying at the end which was the way he faced the consequences for what he did.

"I understand what Bert's going through, it's the loneliest feeling in the world to find yourself standing up when everybody else is sitting down. To have everybody look at you and say "What's the matter with him?" (Pg.51)What this quote is trying to say is that people were looking at Cates differently because he thought different then the rest. It also showed how the towns people are so into their bible that they never question it because they believe that everything that is written their is true, so they never question it.

I choose this picture of Drummond from the movie scene holding the bible on one hand and the origins of species book on the other hand because it showed how both books are equally and that neither book is better than the other.

I decided to put this picture of a lightbulb because it showed how Drummond is a very smart person and can really think quick during the court case. In one part Drummond couldn't use the witnesses that he wanted because they wouldn't allow it, so he had to think quick on his next move which he did and ended up being a wise move to call up Brady to the stand.

For this picture I put a rocking horse because it symbolizes what Drummond was saying explaining to Cates that everything on the outside is not what it seems like and that you have to look within to see who they really are. This picture helps the reader picture what Drummond was saying.

- Evolution- Rights- Different- beliefs - power

I choose this picture of a man and then him looking like a hero in his shadow because that is what Drummond basically was for the town. Drummond gave people a change in what they do, the way they think, and question things because they now have their own perspective of things and don't take everything so literal and they realize that it's okay to be different. Drummond changes the town on the way it was before, there whole act on how loud and circusy like their town was has changed.

I choose this picture that says rights because it shows what people were against in throughout the book, but it changed once they heard what Mr.Drummond had to say in the court case. He showed the towns people the freedom of thought that it's okay to think differently, everybody has the right to and that everyone has the right to be wrong just like he stated to Hornbeck " Brady had the same rights as Cates: the right to be wrong!".

I choose this song fight song because the lyrics compared to how Drummond wasn't going to give up very easily on proving that his defendant Bert Cates was not guilty. That even though he didn't mind what others cared/believed he was willing to fight to get his point through on why Cates was only being sent to prison for thinking differently and that anyone could've done it, but he was willing to go with his beliefs and face the consequences. Also I choose this song because Rachel the singer says "losing friends.." Which to me would show how not everybody agrees with what Drummond is saying and how in the beggining of the book not many would talk to Drummond, but only to Brady. That all changed once the court case was over where people started liking Drummond.

This short clip connects to the theme of this book because it shows that Berts beliefs on evolution influenced him to read to his class while teaching. This video is about how Drummond is up against Mr. Brady, but he can't get any of his testimonies to go into the stand because they believe that they don't need any experts questioning what's already written on the bible. Drummond debates in how if they make evolution being taught a crime it'll get worse and be banned in more places.


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