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Lennie small

Lennies background was not the greatest. His mother and aunt died leaving him with George growing up. It didn't help that George was always playing pranks on him until George on day realized that it was wrong of him to do that. Also in the close past lennie saw a lady wearing a red dress and he liked that dress so he touched it and the lady got scared and was screaming.So Lennie held on to the dress tight becasue that is what Lennie dose when he is scared. The lady went to the police and said that lennie raped her so Lennie and George run away and that is what brought them to the farm where more violence happens.

Example of violence

An example of the violence in Of Mice and Men would be the fight between Curley and Lennie. The scene is Curly walking in with Slim and the other guys fighting over Curley's wife when Curley herd Lennie left and then it started.There was no reason for the fight other then Curley wanting to show he was the tough guy and uit eneded up back firing on him and leaveing him with a broken hand.

Lasting Impact

The violence in the book has big impact on the reader from the death of the puppy, Curleys wife and then Lennie at the tragic end.


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Lennie Small


Lennie fights back


Chapter 1 - Verbal violence from George to Lennie Chapter 2 - Violence from Curley to George and LennieChapter 3 - Violence towards Candy's dog.Chapter 4 - Violence from Curly's wife to CrooksChapter 5 - Violence From Lennie to the puppy an Curly's wife.Chapter 6 - Violence from George to Lennie


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