Lena and Giraffe

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Life Science

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Lena and Giraffe

The giraffe is earth tallest Animal. A giraffe has 7 bones in her nack the same number as peoples. Giraffes are eating the leaves from trees or high bushes. They like the leaves from the acacia tree.


A giraffe sleeps standing up because it take too long to stand up again on the feets. Giraffes can go weeks without driking water. Giraffes get most of the water from eating leaves. At a water hole a giraffe cant drink untol it spreads there front legs far apart that it can come with the mouth at the water. A giraffe can run a few hours. They run gracefully and as fast as 56 kilometeran hour.

A giraffe's tongue can be to 21 centimeter long. Ot is also prehensile, which means it can grab and hold objects.

Giraffes lives in africa.


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