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Lemony Snicket

Daniel Handler used to be an opera singer in the late 1980's along side his motherThere was a movie based on the bad bad bad begining then another movie based on the next three novels.

In my opinion Daniel Handle (Lemony Snicket) has wrote some of the best novels Ever!!! some are...1. Lemony snicket the bad bad begining,The Reptile Room,The wide window,The Miserable Mill,The Austere Academy,The Ersatz Elevator,The Vile Villlage,The Hostiel Hospital,The Carnivorus Carnival, The penultimate Peril, The End

Lemony Snicket

BOOK AWARDS1.Colorado Childrens Book Award2.Nevada Young Readers Award3.Nene Award4.Quill Book Award





Lemony Snickets real name is Daniel Handler Born and raised in San Fransico CaliforniaBorn on Febuary 28th 1970 San Fransisco CaliforniaHas only wrote 1 series and is working on plays and scripts now.


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Daniel decided he wanted to become an author, because he did not like that childrens books were devoted to sports, and fantasy themes.

Why did Daniel decide to become a author


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