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Lemony Snicket

He has made 3 identies for him self based of his pen name. He writes as Lemony Snicket, apperers in public as his repersentative but lives as Daneil Handler. His books have been banned in Georgia, for being to dark. He also likes to play the accordian.

He is most well known for his A Series of Unfortunate Events, but he has writen many other books including The Lump of Coal and Adverbs.

Daniel Handler had always thought that childerens books were to happy. So when Susan Rich, an editor, told him he should write childrens books. Origonaly he did like it because he thought that childrens books were too happy.

Daniel HandlerA.K.A.Lemony Snicket

Has earned the 1990 poets prize and New York times bestseller



His books



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