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Lemony Snicket

Who is Lemony Snicket?

Unpleasant Facts:- Lemony Snicket is similar to Jiminy Cricket - Follows the Baudelaire children through their series of unfortunate events- For more information, you must contact Daniel Handler.

Mysterious photograph of Lemony Snicket at an unknown cafe.

The Dreadful Life of Lemony Snicket:- Snicket is a troubled writer and photographer- Describes himself as a coward-Confesses to doing things that are not considered noble-Member of the Volunteer Fire Department- Rarely appears in public, secretive, and pessimistic

The only way to contact Snicket is by sending him a letter to:Mr. SnicketHarper Collins Children's books10 East 53rd St.New York, New York 10022

Have a chance to meet Lemony Snicket!

Interactive storytelling of Snicket's mediocre series.

12 books in under 12 seconds: The Series of Unfortunate Events

Several undesirable websites:- Netflix will be creating the Series of Unfortunate Events.- The official site of Lemony Snicket. You will be able to gain insight on the author and the series.- You will be able to take a look at Snicket's other book series such as, "All the Wrong Questions".

A Horrible List of Books You Shouldn't Read1) A Series of Unfortunate Events2) The Unauthorized Autobiography of Lemony Snicket3) The Dismal Dinner4) The Beatrice Letters5) 13 Shocking Secrets of Lemony Snicket6) The Blank Book7) The Notorious Notations8) The Puzzling Pieces9) All the Wrong Questions10) The Dark

Lemony Snicket's representative, Daniel Handler.

The following poorly written books by Lemony Snicket along with the audiobook.


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