lemon war A.N reflection.

by JENelson
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Language Arts

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lemon war A.N reflection.

In our Make Your Mark project Max, Nate and I had a book club on the Lemonade War. First we came up with an idea. Then we made 10 questions they had to awnser. Next we presented to Mrs.Range's and Mrs. Helmann's classes and got 10 kids who wanted to join. Then we made name tags and an activity where you made a poster and then you vote for the best poster.

Everyone had fun and we loved how enthusiastic the kids where and how no one left with a frown!

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1) One thing I would change is the time because we were rushed.2)Another thing I would change is that there were too many Q and A Questions because we didn't have time for the final activity.

The Lemonade War!!



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