Leland Stanford

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Leland Stanford


As Captains of Industry

Leland Stanford


United States railroad executive and founder of Stanford UniversityLeland Stanford was American boss or capitalist, manufacturer(Industrialist), politician, and founder of Stanford University. He was railroad president and invested in the building of the Central Pacific Railroad. After migrating to California from New York at the time of the Gold Rush, he became successful merchant, banker because he helped a lot in railroad and he built Stanford University and it's really famous nowdays. Also he kept working on building his business empire. He worked one two-year term as governor of California after election in 1861, and then eight years as senator from the state. As president of Southern Pacific, beginning in 1861, Central Pacific. He had incredible power in the region and a lasting impact on California. A lasting legacy was to his colleagues, Stanford’s partnership was a source of constant consternation; to Huntington, his role as figurehead a plain insult. Tensions continued to mount after the successes of 1869, as Stanford repeatedly dipped into company holdings to fund construction of palatial homes and the chartering of a private institution. Huntington derided the latter project as “the circus.” But Leland Stanford Junior University, named in honor of the cherished son Stanford lost to typhoid in 1884, ensured the most famous of the Big Five a legacy that long outlasted those of his Associates.



The Big Four was the name popularly given to the businessmen and supporters who built the Central Pacific Railroad, the western portion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in the United States. Composed of Leland Stanford, Collis Potter Huntington, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker, the four preferred to be known as “The Associates.”

The Big Four

"Labor can and will become its ownemployer through co-operative association."



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