[2015] Sudha Holm: Leif Eriksson

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[2015] Sudha Holm: Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson

ExplorerLeif Eriksson was a Viking and the first European explorer to reach the shores of North America. Despite popular belief he set foot on North American land about four hundred years before even Christopher Columbus. He was inspired and taught by his father the skills that eventually led to him making it to North America.

When Leif Eriksson began exploring on his own he traveled to Norway. When he was there he was converted to Christianity by King Olaf. He decided to spread his beliefs back in his home country and elsewhere.


Eventually it lead him to sail into the unknown and travel without a map or a compass towards the lands of North America that he didn’t even know existed. He eventually discovered North America and decided to name it Vinland. He only spent one winter there and never returned. Despite his short stay, he had long beat Christopher Columbus to North America.

LifeLeif Eriksson was the son of the famous Viking Erik The Red. Erik The Red was an explorer who discovered Greenland. He named it Greenland to try to make it sound more appealing despite the fact it was almost completely covered in snow. He raised Leif Eriksson to appreciate exploring as well. He taught him how to navigate, sail and lead a crew.


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