[2015] Mackenzie Bergeron: Leif Eriksson

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[2015] Mackenzie Bergeron: Leif Eriksson

There are many tales on how Eriksson found North America, but I believe these two are the most likely: The first being that when he sailed to Norway around the year 1000, that he was converted into the Christian faith and then sent back to Greenland to spread the faith to them. And on his way there he got off track and stumbled upon North America.The next story is that Leif had heard about "Vinland" from the Icelandic trader Bjarni Herjulfsson. According to the Groenlending saga, Jerjulfsson sighted, but did not go to, North America from his ship an entire 14 years before Leif set foot on that land.

FUN FACTS:He is gernally belived to be the originally founder of North AmericaAlso called "Leif the Lucky"He only spent one winter in Vinland, after that he returned to Greenland.

Leif Eriksson


Leif Eriksson was the second of three sons born to the famous Norse exploerer Erik the Red. While traveling back to Greenland, it is believed that he got off course and landed on the shores of North America which he called Vinland.

Early Life

His Many Stories


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The original discoverer of the New World

Eriksson's Original Route


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