[2015] Brooke Mistic: Leif Eriksson

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[2015] Brooke Mistic: Leif Eriksson

LeifEriksson"Leif the Lucky"

LifeLeif, son of Erik the Red, who founded the first European Settlement on what is now called Greenland. The second of three sons. He is said to be the explorer to have reached North America, four centuries before Christopher Colombus.

-1000 he sailed from Greenland to Norway.-In Norway he was converted to Christianity.-Some say he landed off route while retruning from Greenland landing in North America, where he named the land Vinland.-Others say Leif heard from Bkami Herijulfsson of Vinland, who is said to to have sighted the North America continent from his ship 14 yrs before Eriksson. -He reutrned to Greenland after his time in Vinland, which was his last time in North America.-He tried converting his farther to Christianity, but only his mother would convert.-she then had Greenland's first Christian church built at Brattahild.


Legacy-19th Century Nordic Americans Celebrated Leif as the 1st European Explorer in the New World.-President Calvin Coolidge in 1925 announced to a MN crowd in the honor of the 100th annivarsary of Norweigan immigrants to the U.S that Leif was the 1st to discover America.-October 9th is "Leif Eriksson Day" as of September 1964.


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