Leif Erikson and the Invaders

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Leif Erikson and the Invaders

Leif Erikson and the Invaders

The vikings were a group of nordic raiders who travled all over Europe, some of the Middle East, and even found the new world around 500 years before Christapher Columbus. They used many different types of weapons to raid throughout their history. Some of these can be found in the merchendise list, some others that arent listed are the spear, knife, and the bow and arrow.

Tour Dates:Reric- 700A.D.Lindidfarne- 793 A.D.Iona,Scottland- 794 A.D.Limerick- 812 A.D.Thant, Kent- 850 A.D.Island of Sheppey- 854 A.D.Cape Farewell- 982 A.D.Vinland- 986 A.D.

Olaf Tryggvason

Cnut the Graeat

Harald Hardrada


Erik the Red

Merchendise:Engraved Axe - 30 SilverEngraved Sword -40 SilverCustomizable Kite Sheild - 60 SilverInvaders Sheild - 50 SilverEngraved Helemt - 65 SilverChain Mail - 50 SilverCustomizable Atgeir - 60 Silver

Leif Erikson

Map Of Tour Stops

Invading is Fun!

ImportanceThe Vikings are important to world history because they discovered many different geographical locations such as Greenland and Iceland. They also found North America. Another reason they're important is because of their strong beleif sytem that is still present in Eruope today.


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