[2015] Lucas Phillips: Leif Ericson

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[2015] Lucas Phillips: Leif Ericson


LifeLeif Ericson was the second son of Eric the Red who established the first settlement in Greenland. His family sailed to Southern Greenland about 985 and his father founded settelment along Eriksford in a place called Brattahlid. Later on the story of Hejolfsson inspired Leif and he wanted to explore and see if there were more places than Greenland. Thats when his voyage to a "New World" began.

On his voyage he discovered many places. One was a place he called Helluland ("Land of Flat Stone") which is thought to be on the southern end of Baffin Island in the Caadian Artic. Another place he discovered Markland ("Forest Land") which is founded on the coast of Labrador. The last thing on his voyage he discovered is Vinland ("WineLand" or "PastureLand") which is found in North America in the year 1001.

and Voyages

SettlementIn Vinland is where they brought grapes back to Greenland. Later on they made houses and called them the little settlement Leifrsbudir. Then Leif's brother and a few people explored Vinland. Then his brother got was shot by an arrow from the Eskimos and his crew left with Leif back to Greenland. Learning about his brother's death Leif tried to sail back to Greenland but storms got in the way and he could not sail back to Vinland.

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Discoveries and Voyages

Control VinlandLeif's half-sister Freydis went into parternship with two brothers Helgi and Finnbogi to trade furs and wood in Vinland. Freydis had her supporters murder Helgi and Finnbogi and thier followers. The men in Freydis party refused to kill women, so she did it herself.She confiscated her enemies goods and returned home living of profits. In Greenland Leif inherited his father's estate at Brattahlid along with position of leader of the colony. When Leif heard of his Freydis crimes he could not punish her. Upon Ericson's death in about 1020 the estate was passed to his son, Thorkell

970Leif was born

985 Family moved to Brattahlid

1001Sets on his Voyage

1001Discovers Vinland

1002Return to Greenland

1010Settlement in Vinland

1013Halfsister takes control

1020Leif's estate is passed on to his son.

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Impact on the worldHe showed that they were more lands than Greenland to Norse explorers.


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