Legislative Branch

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Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch

The Capital

100 U.S Senators

435 U.S Represenatives


Pat Toomey

Bob Casey Jr.

8th district of Pennsylvania

Michael G. Fitzpatrick

Our U.S Represenative PA-8

Senate Organizational Chart

John Boehner

Current Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House web page

President of the Senate

Joe Biden

Vice President Web Page

New York Times Article

Famous legislation law Congress has passed

Voting Rights of 1965

How do the actions of Congress reflect the needs of the citizens?The acts of congress, though are sometimes questioned by the citizens, do have our best interest in mind. It protects our natural given rights (life, liberty, and property) as stated in the Declaration of Independence, written in 1766. Laws are created every year to help improve the needs of the citizens. Before they become laws, they are bills; and must be voted upon by people whom the citizens vote to have such positions. When congress makes the decision to go to war, that is an attempt of protecting the citizens, which is definitely a need. Congress continues to make advancements every day to fulfill the needs and wants of citizens.


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