[2015] Renee Kauffman: Legend of Achilles

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[2015] Renee Kauffman: Legend of Achilles

Achilles was born as the only mortal child of Peleus, the King of the Myrmidons in Thessaly. His mother, a nymph, planned to make him immortal by submerging him into the river Styx, a river that flows in the Underworld. The mother held him by his heel, which did not come in contact with the water, and was left exposed to injury. Achilles then went on to being one of the leading Greek warriors of the Trojan War, and the one to slay the Trojan champion Hector.("Achilles 1).

Achilles was a half-human, half-supernatural being. His parents were a king and a sea nymph. His mother, Thetis, tried to make him invincible when he was a baby, by dipping him in the river of Styx, which flowed in the Underworld. "However, the water did not touch the heel by which she held Achilles, and this spot remained vulnerable. This myth is the source of the term Achilles Heel, which refers to a person's one great weakness." ("Achilles" 1).

*Son of Peleus and Thetis*rasied by a centaur named Chiron*his mother disguised him as a girl so he wouldn't have to fight at Troy*most aggressive warrior for the Greeks*Leader of the Myrmidons*was unwilling to enter the war, but after the warrior Hector killed his friend, he joined the war. ("Achilles" 1).


Legend of Achilles


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