[2014] Aidan Lafferty: Legend

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[2014] Aidan Lafferty: Legend

Summary:In the book Legend by Marie Lu, Day, a fugitive is looking for a cure for his now infected brother. As he is looking for a cure he comes across a guard and has no choice but to wound him, he finally escapes by jumping out of a window on to the ground he is badly injured. To the rescue comes his "practically" sister Tess. Tess brings him to a alleyway and bandages him up. Meanwhile, prodigy June finds out that the guard that has died was her brother Metias, solemnly she swears to hunt down her brothers murderer. She goes undercover to see if Day is in one of the poor sectors, she finds herself participating in a fight. After she wins people are jealous and beat her up. Day is watching the whole thing so he goes down and saves June. After a while with Tess and Day, June figures out that Day is the fugitive that killed her brother so she calls in her boss. Of course, they lure him with his infected brother, he takes the bait. They capture him and his brother hostage. Read Legend today to find out what happens to Day and his brother

Legendby:Marie Lupages:305

Book Review by:Aidan LaffertyGenre: action

Theme: I believe that the theme is trust. June has to do that when Day says that he didn't kill her brother

RecommendationI would recommend this book to people who like fast paced action and drama. If you like the Hunger Games or Divergent series this novel is very similar.

Connection:I can make a text to text connection to Divergent by Veronica Roth because in Legend, Day is always running and hiding because he is a fugitive. In Divergent Tris is Divergent and needs to hide this from others.

Literary Element 2:Climax, The climax was very dramatic.Evidence: June finds out that her brother is dead and pledges to find the ruthless murderer.

Literary Element 1: Setting, The setting in Legend was the future in a sector.Evidence: This book is set in the future. Sector 7 is where all the poor and homeless people go to live.


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