[2014] Evan Spangenberg (Grieve): Legend

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[2014] Evan Spangenberg (Grieve): Legend

By: Marie Lu


Day: (Real name: Daniel Alton Wing)A boy from the Lake district.15 years old, Failed his trial. Was labled dead at age 10. Is wanted for assult, arson, theft, destruction of military propety and hindering the war effort.

June Iparis: A 15 year old girl. Scored 100% on her trail. Born into an Elite Republic family. Parents were killed in a Car crash. Sister of Metias Iparis, who takes care of her.


Tess: A 13-year old orphan that Day found on the streets. Who is now Day's partner in crime and also his caretaker.

Metias Iparis: Junes older brother, takes care of her. Is a Republic Captain.

Thomas: Metias' old friend who also works for the Republic.


Legend is set in a dystopian version of Los Angeles overrun by a corrupt government and a vicious plague.

When Day finds out his brother Eden has been infected with the plague, he breaks into the hospital to steal some plague cures. June's brother, Metias, is working at the hospital the night Day breaks in, and he gets killed by Day while he is trying to escape the hospital. June is then sent out by her boss, Commander Jameson, to seek out Day and bring him to justice. But one day while undercover looking for Day, she encounters a skiz fight in a local bar where Tess is about to fight someone who forced her to when June intervenes and fights for Tess instead. After June got stabbed by her opponent she fleed the fight and a boy helped her escape along with Tess. June doesn't realize that the boy was Day and she tags along with them for awhile. June starts to like Day and begins to be attracted to him, but she starts to realize who he is. She is forced to make a descion, stay with Day, or arrest the boy who killed her brother.


I think that Legend was a very good read. I enjoyed the topic of the book a lot. The author included quite a lot of detail and good descriptions of the characters. I liked the characters because they were my age and I understood some of the feeling that they were going through. I appreciated the detail that the author included in the setting also, she made it seem like I could see their every move, and she included everything from colours of bed sheets, to the view off of a building. I also loved how she included a lot of conspiracy in the book. I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forwards to reading the sequel, Prodigy. I would give this book a 9/10 and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Divergent or likes futuristic fiction novels.

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