Legegacies of the Greeks

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Legegacies of the Greeks

Legacies of Greece

The Greeks used three forms of colums for their buildings, Corinthain, Ionic, and Doric. One of the most famous of the buildings that were held by columns is the Parthenon, Athena's temple. But columns were not only to hold up buildings, the ancient greeks also used them to decorate their buildings and make the importance of the buildings show. Greek columns today can be found in public buildings like the capital, the Sun Prairie museum, and on churches, even suporting peoples homes today.

The greek sporting events were called the olmpics. In the olmpics then, they would race for olive wreaths, meanwhile today we race for Gold/Bronze/Silver medals. The olympics was a religous event to honor the greek god, Zeus. In ancient greek, they would not wear any cloths, except for the lair of olive oil. Today, we still train in gyms, and people come from all over the world to go to the olympics, just like in ancient Greece.



The anciet Greeks gave us the gift of money. The greeks made money to trade in the market in place of bartering. The coins had Athena's owl, Alexander The Great,or other important things on their coins. The Greeks called their coins drachmas. Both the greeks and us today use money and coins to trade for things we need in our every day life.

Orders of operation


The ancient greeks had an event called theater to honor the greek god of wine, Dionysus. In the greek theater men would play all of the parts, even the womens parts. The proformers would also through things at the audience to silence them. Everyone went to the theater, slaves would be freed, and poor families got in free. Both todays theater, and the Greeks theater have trained proformers, and the same kind of seating (the seats going up so the voice would be audible).


The ancient Greeks used many different arts, one of the most fascinating is the mosaics. The greeks would make mosaics of patterns, gods/goddesses, and rulers (Alexander the Great). mosaics would be found on floors, walls, and in the maket at the agora. The mosaics would be made out of mostly tiles, and stone. Both today, and in ancient greek, mosaics are a highly likable art.

Advanced Warships

The ancient Greeks (Athens) used advaced shiping in their navy. These ships could move more easily than an average ship. These ships had three rows of rowers. When the Persians attacked the greeks, these ships turned the tide of the battle from how fast they moved. Both then, and now, we had good ships that could move easily in the water in a war.

Socratic meathod

The ancient Greeks had many philosphers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Socrates gave us the socratic teaching, were teachers ask their students questions. Plato gave us the Idea of fair government. Aristotle gave how we shape polotics today, and his foundation of science. Today we still use thir teachings in school, work and in government.


The Greeks astablished the market system were stores/shops would be squished into a small area. The ancient Greeks would talk, sell, buy... in this area. In this are Socrates would even teach (In Athens). Most of every day life would be held in this place of the city state. Both now and then, sellers would set up there stuff, and buyers would talk, hang out, have fun, and buy.


The ancient Greeks envented Democracy to be fair and just in an government. The ancient greeks had a direct democracy (Athens). All people from (Athens) would get together and debate about... whatever. A democracy would give them the right to give their vote, give their say, and be able to go out into the agora. Both then, and now, the democracy would give them rights that would make every day life better, even if we have a representative democracey.



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