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Social Studies
Ancient History

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LegalismDefinition: "the state is much more important than the individuals and have to conform completley to the decrees their supreme ruler"Overview: Main principals: 1. Human nature is naturally selfish. 2. Intellectualism and literacy is discouraged.3. Law is the supreme authority and replaces morality.4. The ruler must rule with a strong, punishing hand.5. War is the means of strengthening a ruler’s power.

In Society...When?During the Qin Dynasty by Emperor Qin Shi HuangHow?increased strength and efficiency of Qin Empire - helped form, a strict bureaucracy (which became the standard chinese government model and is maintained today to some extent), an exceptional army, a population of obedient people, and an unchallenegd powerful government

History of Founder- Han Fei- also known as Han Fei- born in 280 BC- Chinese philosopher- lived during the late warring states period-died in 233 BC

Impact in Chinese History-created the standards of Bureacracy which is still seen in Chinese government today -Great Wall of China was created during legalist rule -Terracotta Army was created during legalist rule

Han Fei Zi on philosophy on schoology- images-youtube

Ancient China

Qin Shi Huang

Terrocotta Army

Great Wall of China

Qin Dynasty


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