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Legalism started by a school of Chinese philosphy during 475-221 BC, which was in the Warring States Period when seven kingdoms faught against eachother. Many wars and dishonesty came to China, and the Legalists hired by the king, Shang Yang, from the Qin Dynasty, created the system called Legalism.

How did it start?

Shang Yang created many large armies to help China defeat enemies who have attacked. Shang Yang helped the society and brought help to people today. Today's government is based off of Legalism and Shang Yang during the Qin Dynasty. Thanks to Shang Yang, prisons for people that disobey laws were created.

The effects of Legalism today

Before Legalism, the Chinese society was useless in honesty and noble education. The society needed a strict new government to help them. During the stage of Legalism, it influenced many Chinese philosophers to be a part of the new government and future education.

How did this help society?


Shang Yang was a Chinese philosopher that lived from 390 - 338 BC. During that time he was the founder of Legalism as a Chinese statesman in the Qin Dynasty. He created strict laws for people to obey with punishments in The Book of Lord Shang.

Who is Shang Yang?



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