The Legacy of Robin Hood

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The Legacy of Robin Hood

Robin Hood's story is set in Medieval times. it is said his earliest appearance was around 14th/15th century. Some may say he lived during Richard I's leadership, other may say durng Edward II's. In general terms the legend tell us that 'Robin was a great outlawed nobleman and archer who used to fight in the Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, England against the Sherrif to defend the poor and help them by giving money.

In my view, this video clearly shows how people is still being inspired by the Robin Hood Legend. The message that seems to be transmitted through Robin's ideals is related to social justice, equality and fairness. Maybe we can think there is no right or wrong story but one significant legacy to be continued afterwards. Robin Hood's ideals are still present even though we can not assure he was real. At least he had been real to many people and he is ingrained in History as the man who taok law in his own hands to save the poor from the rich.


The Legacy of Robin Hood

The search for the real Robin Hood's happenng take us back to 650 years when his name and story appeared in medieval ballads.It was found that around 1377 he was already a literary figure. A researcher found the earliest evidence of a man called 'Robert Hode' in 1225 who was listed as an outlaw in a Yorkshire roll.It is also known he lead a band called Merry Man and that he had a girlfried, Maid Marian.

CreditsSources provided in class: Two articles -Robin Hood, the man behind the Myth -Robin Hood by Ben Johnson*A video from History Channel:*A web page:

It seems pointless trying to proove if the real Robin Hood really existed or not. The most important thing to look at is that this man became a hero, a legend and has transgressed over time. He became a historical legendary figure in which people is still believing nowadys and has become a powerful source of knowledge when talking adressing the Medieval English History.




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