Legacies of the Greeks

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Legacies of the Greeks

Legacies of the Greeks

Coined Money



By Wyatt Wineke


Advanced Weaponry

The first kind of coined money started in ancient Greece where they used drachmas. Like us today we both use coined money with different value according to the coin. Ancient drachmas were made of silver.

The ancient Greeks were very advanced in building the best ships and so is the U.S. today. The main type of ship was the trireme with three rows of oars. These ships showed superiority during the Persian wars. These ships were small compared to the huge Persian ships but could maneuver faster, throw flaming logs on their ships, and could ram ships with the wood that stuck out at the bottom.

Because of the ancient Greeks we have higher levels of learning in universities just like they did. The first form of universities started in ancient Greece where Plato started a university called the Academy. There he taught Aristotle who started the university called the Lyceum. After that higher levels of learning spread around.

Thanks to the ancient Greeks we have different types of architecture like they did. The three different types of columns that they created were Corinthian, Ionic, and Doric. Corinthain columnshad fancy leaves at the top, Ionic columns have rams horns at the top, and Doric columns have a plain top. In ancient Greece you could find these in temples, theatres, and gymnasiums. These columns were usually made out of limestone or marble.


The ancient Greeks made great weapons for war like we do today. Invented by the Spartans, the phalanx which is a military formation of a long line of warriors was very useful for the Greeks. It is also believed that the Greeks invented the first catapults. The greeks also used battering rams.

Advanced Ship Building

The ancient Greeks had lots of beautiful artwork so we do too. The ancient Greeks made some of the first mosaics that showed pictures of people and animals. The ancient Greeks were also famous for their red figure black figure vases that showed myths and scenes of war. The Greeks also were very famous for their statues usually made of marble.

We have Democracy just like the ancient Greeks did. Democracy is the rule by the people, so everyone has the right to vote and decide things. Cleisthenes was the founder of democracy in ancient Athens. The end of the Athenian democracy was around 46o bc when it began to evolve into aristocracy.



The ancient Greeks had theater like we do today. The Greeks didn't just have theater for fun, it was actually a religous festival to the wine god, Dionysus. This religous event was so special even prisoners were let out to watch. There were three comedy plays and three dramatic plays.

The ancient Greeks started a great athletic event that we still participate in today. In ancient Greece only men could participate and were nude during the events. In ancient Greece this was not only an athletic event, it was also a religous festival to the king god, Zeus. In ancient Greece they started the games in Olympia where all city-states could participate


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