[2015] Sophia Thanasouras: Lee Godie

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[2015] Sophia Thanasouras: Lee Godie

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No one knows exactly why she lived on the streets. Alot of people either think that it was because she had a fight with her husband or one of her children died at youth.

She loved to paint her cheeks and eyebrows. When she went into buildings she loved to go into the photo booth.

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LeeGodieBy:Sophia T

During the cold winter days, she wore fur coats and lived in cheap hotels. No one knows exactly where she made her art. When she held her artwork in the streets, she had them rolled them up.

Lee had a disease called dementia. Dementia is when you forget things. This affected how she painted because she sometimes would forget what she had painted.

In 1988, Lee’s daughter searched for her mother because she did not really know who her mother was. Little did she know that the lady on the streets that she hung out with alot was her mother. She finally figured this out. Her mom was about to move in with her daughter when Lee went to the hospital because of the dementia. # years later, Lee died on her daughter couch at age 90 in Chicago in the year 1994.

Lee was born in 1904 in Mudtown, Illinois. She had 10 siblings. When she was older she married to George Hathaway and had 3 children.


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