Lee Canter - Assertive

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Lee Canter - Assertive

True or False:Teachers shouldn't reward students for good behavior?false

Cycle 1- Students don't always have an understaning of what proper behavior is- Clearly demonstrate what good behavior looks likeCycle 2-Use positive repetition to focus attention on students following directions correctly Cycle 3-Make discipline to be the choice for the student- As a teacher always remain positive

Lee Canter


Classroom Management

Teaching -Always use clear instructions when addressing students-Follow through with each student using fair punishments-Discipline Hierarchy: Increase in punishment for worse behavior

History- Went to California State University-Worked with wife, Marlene, to create model- Educated millions of teachers on management skills


-Teachers must be assertive, not hostile or passive-Encouraging collaboration, work as teams, and trusting one another -Establish common learning and behavior goals

Classroom Management

-Assertive Discipline has been developing since the mid 70’s from an authoritarian approach to own that is more democratic and cooperative.

Assertive Discipline is a structured, systematic approach designed to assist teachers to run an organized, teacher-in-charge classroom environment

Assertive Discipline

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